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The Snug

Hand built with passion, our unique mobile Snug will ensure your event will forge memories that last long after the last guest leaves. Its interchangeable design allows it to be either a complete bar offering, stocked with your favourite tipple, a Sweet Shop, packed with the flavours of your youth, or perhaps something sweeter being served up to accompany your guests throughout your evening; all can be catered for and will be tailored to your exacting wishes.

Mobile Bar

A Snug is a small, comfortable public room in a pub or inn. Here at 1806, we have turned this concept into a mobile bar. We can provide a drinks selection to match any event, allowing great flexibility to accommodate special requests; from your favourite flavoured Gins to a distiller's choice of the finest Whisky, and even cocktails, draft beer or fizz, we can accommodate all.  


Sweet Shop

It is a miss conception that sweets are only for the young. Aside from the sugar boost, they have the ability to transport you on a nostalgic journey to certain points in your life. Flying saucers during the summer months to Astro Pops, Wacky Wafers, Gummi Bears or Worms at the disco to Nerds, and Sherbet Dip when studying for your exams. Why not link the generations and allow us to stock our sweetshop with your favourite memories. 


Whisky / Gin Bar

If it is more of a bespoke offering, we can accommodate this. 


Ice Cream Parlour

Frozen fresh treats for your delight.   


Artisan Grazing Cones

Packed with flavour, they are perfect for canapés. 


Home Baking

Selection of Hot Drinks & Home Bakes



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